How to Close Over 800 Homes Per Year and Generate 2,000 Leads Per Month While Growing a Sizable Income and Taking Over 10 Weeks Vacation Each Year! 
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In the past 5 years, we’ve used a system to grow our business to over 50 agents, 700+ transactions per month/year, and close $200,000,000 in sales in the last 12 months.

Because so many people have been asking us how we did it, we decided to hold a FREE masterclass to showcase the exact system that works for us.
In this FREE online webinar, you’ll learn:
  •   The systematic process we use to turn a predictable percentage of leads into closings and commission checks every month
  •  How to set up your CRM to be your databank, with perfect follow-up, so that you create consistent closings to scale your business
  •  How to identify the KPIs in your business that drive results
  •  How to create additional leads in your business without spending a ton of cash (leads don’t have to be expensive to be good)
Get the Step-By-Step Process We’ve Used to Become the #9 Agent in the U.S by the Wall Street Journal and the #3 Agent in All of Keller Williams
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