Brett Tanner
Ranked #9 Agent by the Wall Street Journal (out of 1.5 million agents), and as high as #3 out of 90,000 agents at Keller Williams International, based on units sold.
Jason Abrams
Jason's team currently ranks in the top 100 of Real Estate teams nationwide by The Wall Street Journal.  He is also co-host of the HGTV #1 television show, "Scoring the Deal."
Brian Gubernick
Ranked #101 in the Wall Street Journal's Top 1,000 Real Estate teams in America. Brian is also a Top 10 Producing Agent in Keller Williams Realty International (out of 90,000 Agents). 
What Our Clients Say About...
Client Interview: Zach Wendt
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Zach Wendt
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Zach and his team have been selling real estate for over 12 years.  In that time, he's climbed the ranks at Keller Williams such that out of 200,000 KW agents, he is now ranked in the Top 2,000.  Wanting to scale bigger and reach higher, he sought the help of the Top 100 Agents from Metrix Coaching & Training.  More specifically, he signed up for the Implementation Program, which helps real estate professionals like Zach duplicate the systems and processes that have enabled Metrix to generate over $1Billion in sales over the last 10 years.  The Implementation Program has been a huge success for Zach, enabling him to convert many more leads into closings.  Click above to watch the full video.
Client Interview: Wade Trammell
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Wade Trammell
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Wade grew as an agent very quickly, having closed 9 transactions in his first month!  A couple years in, Wade understood that building the systems and processes needed to scale are key to reaching the next level.  His main objective was to convert more leads to sales, and the Implementation Program is what enabled him to do exactly that.  Click above to watch the full video.
Client Interview: Jessica Tucker
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Jessica Tucker
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Jessica has been in real estate residential sales for the last 8 years, during which time she's grown from a solo agent to having a team of 10 agents.  She invested in the Implementation Program to gain a better understanding of the key metrics needed to manage and scale a successful agency. In addition to that, she succeeded in increasing the conversion of leads into sales, and implementing the processes and systems to predictably scale.  Click above to watch the full video.
Client Interview: Scott Martineau
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Scott Martineau
Northwest Atlanta
Scott has been in real estate investing and sales for the last 4 years.  In that time, he and his partners have grown to a team of 83 agents, even landing their own TV program, "Flip or Flop Atlanta."  Due to the sudden and massive inflow of leads from the show, they found it difficult to manage and convert leads, which is why they reached out to Metrix and decided to undergo the Implementation Program.  The result has been phenomenal, and today Scott and his Team are much better equipped to convert more leads, and generate more sales.  Click above to watch the full video.
Client Interview: Brad Miklovich
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Brad Miklovich
Hudson, Ohio
After beginning his career in Finance, Brad was 3 years into his real estate tenure when he started looking for something more, and sought the top producers in real estate to fast-track his climb to success.  It was that desire to get to the next level that convinced him to join the Implementation Program, and in his words, it's been a huge success.  Now he and his Team have processes and systems in place to optimize lead and sales conversions.  Click above to watch the full video.
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